Thursday, 17 October 2013

(Sukitte Iinayo ) (好きっていいなよ) say i love you)

Say I Love You((好きっていいなよ)

This story was just so wonderful, touching, and heart-warming I hardly know where to begin.Personally, once I start an anime, I have a REALLY bad time trying to finish it. Say "I love you" was honestly a really sweet anime that made me want to see what happens. It has it's cliche moments, but in true honestly it holds a lot of more originality you'd find in other anime's now a days. It has that sense of being really, real. Most anime's are completely far off from what the world today really holds, really is. But this anime really captures that sense of it, and gives you a bit of a spark. It's cute, charming, realistic and unrealistic at the same time, a leash on the cliche's and a dash of frustration to keep you hooked.


好きっていいなよ。 Android(960×800)待ち受けアニメ画像9206 スマポ



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