Friday, 15 November 2013



i love this while it is innocence to the max it a boys harem anime. i love the fact that they give fan service for girls in each episode and that the girl is actually choosing who she wants to be with, but don't worry boys there are lots of action and only a little romance when you look at both season of the show. it like five episodes of actually romance and most of it is at the end of the series and you see it coming. it a great ending that really pulls the story together. if you want action boys harem magic and good clean fun i say check it out.
The whole story is very good though and nicely thought out (when looked at from start to finish.)I'd say it's a decent anime to watch, entertaining.Each episode draws you in, ends too soon and leaves you waiting impationtly for the next episode to be aired. I loved the short segment at the end of each episode where you spend a private moment wth one of the characters. I thought that was so cool and a nice touch. The art work of the characters and scenery is lovely, The music, especially the opening themes, is beautiful! I am hoping to find the theme music on i-tunes. This is a really enjoyable series and I reccomend it.


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