Friday, 15 November 2013



Black Butler is a very captivating series which kept full attention all the way to the end. The first and second series are very interesting and action packed, with a dash of humor in each episode. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys humor as well as drama. At times, the plot went a bit off course, but even in those times it was still very entertaining. Overall, this was an excellent series! Kuroshitsuji is a perfect combo of action and comedy. This was an enthralling anime, the story line although childish in the beginning has a really dark sense of humor that only some of us can relate to. the unraveling of the plot was exceptional, this anime kept you at the edge of the seat and Sebastian being so amazing, you couldn't help but watch it. the story of the anime revolves around 19th century England. so the Victorian era also adds to the sense of individuality that this anime express. the characters are amazing and funny. However the anime does not follow the manga so while amazing on its own, the manga is ten times that. Definitely worth the watch and read.


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  2. Thanks for sharing ! Good jod
    I also love One Piece. On the surface, the story might seem typical: a wonder-boy who wants to "be the best" fights the bad guys and always wins.So fun and amazing. Hope you enjoy this : One Piece Movies . Enjoy !

    1. welcome :) currently watching one piece too !!