Wednesday, 20 November 2013

School Rumble

School Rumble

School rumble was indeed a very good show it was funny and it was entertaining. The romance parts where also good but in the end After having watch all the episode i would recommend this show to be watch because it is a very funny romance anime.School Rumble is one of those comedic, slice-of-life high school series that’s never too serious nor too plot-centered. Like most other anime in its genre, there’s no real central conflict; it basically follows the individual relationships and antics of the different characters in their day-to-day high school lives. It may sound like a very typical high school comedy series but School Rumble manages to distinguish itself by having humor and characters done right.And besides the well executed humor, the other main good point about School Rumble is that it has a very entertaining cast of characters. There’s enough characters, both main and supporting, to always give the show something new to do, but not too many that it gets complicated. 


hope you like this anime :)

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